Dental Technician Mosman, Australia

The Oral Design Down Under directed by Massimiliano Zuppardi he is a second generation of dental technician following his father Giuseppe, of Italian origin, and with international experience.

The laboratory is specialises in the rehabilitation of complex cases by applying the fundamental concepts for a proper restoration as occlusion as well as the precision, from single crown on natural tooth to the aesthetics for the anterior teeth such as veneers or crowns to full-arch on implants keeping the aesthetic philosophy as Oral Design.

Max Zuppardi
The lab has its own style, very different design than the classic concept, in fact reflects the philosophy of our work: aesthetics and professionalism, this concept was well developed in order to give a comfortable and pleasant image to the patients.

Indeed our core is based on the concept of restoring the patients’ smile.

On our website you can find personal and professional information, you can also virtually travel through the photo gallery and several articles published, demonstrating, depending on the difficulty of the case, the best solution and technique used on the cases proposed to us.

The lab is furnished with some high quality machines, as Cad-Cam system, we work closely with Nobel Procera Scanner.